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 Warranty Information
1. GIGABYTE Global service is only available in countries authorized by GIGABYTE. The service we provide is based on a Limited Warranty Service.
2. GIGABYTE will bear the cost for labor and parts if the product exhibits defects in materials or workmanship under normal usage (excludes customer induced damages) within the warranty period. However, please note that not all notebook models are available in every country or have sufficient components (ex. foreign language keyboard) to service the returned notebook every time. In case customer has faulty unit to be repaired, these spare parts for replacement are according to each service centre in warehouse, we apologize that it would be not available to provide you all spare parts as original ones.
For example, as traditional Chinese keyboard which be sent to our service center in the states would be replaced by English keyboard.
3. Upon receiving your repair request, we will process it in an expedite manner. However, the service time for repairs will vary depending on the availability of component material stocked at that particular service site.
4. Any pre-disassemble parts will not be guaranteed .Please return full system for repair.
5. End-user should keep the original package for RMA transportation, GIGABYTE does not cover any lost or damages during the transportation.
  For details of warranty information and conditions, please refer to the warranty card or check on GIGABYTE website